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Commercial Data
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General Information
KERAMOST, Plc. is an important Czech producer of non-metalic raw materials since 1994. After the Project of Split there are also new suppliers of raw materials: KERACLAY, Plc. and KERAKAOLIN, Plc.

The Project of Split
Project is based upon the decision of the sole shareholder of the company KERAMOST. The split is coming into force as of 31.12.2012 while 4 new successor Companies limited by Shares emerge thereof.

KERAMOST, Plc., KERACLAY, Plc. and KERAKAOLIN, Plc. introduced an integrated quality management system, environmental management system and also health and safety management system.

European Parliament approved the Regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances.

Reduction of emissions
Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation aims to help people in protecting and improving the environment. Over 20 years of its existence, supported by endowment of € 238 million crowns over 2722 projects.

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