Maximum quality and safety
The production of bentonite clumping cat litters is certified according to the renowned BRC standard. Certification of the integrated management system is a matter of course. This declares the safety, legality and quality of the final product with an emphasis on minimizing environmental impact.
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Produced and supplied by KERAKAOLIN, Plc.
Kaolin Rokle is special filling kaolin for paper industry, Milled Kaolin Rokle is special for rubber industry.

Bentonites for foundry industry
Company KERAMOST, Plc. offers a wide range of bentonite bonding agents for foundries. Especially bentonite mixtures, manufactured by mixing of various kinds of raw materials and additives are our speciality.

Mined clays
The customer receives high quality and unique clays in various stages of processing. These clays are highly refractory, low to medium plastic with a high proportion of clay minerals.

Product portfolio


Extraction, processing of bentonites and consequent manufacture of bentonit based products makes the decisive pillar of the company KERAMOST, Plc. Unique properties of this raw material give facilities to its wide use.

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The product made by processing of raw material bentonite enjoys increasing interest of pet breeders, especially of household cat-keepers. Natural and therefore environmentally friendly materials of all types and colours meet the particular requirements of customers all over the markets of European Union.

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Clays and Ceramic Masses

The offer of products from the company KERACLAY, Plc. contains a range of high quality as well as sporadic clays, which the customer receives in various processing levels. These clays are highly heat-resistant, plastic, light burning with high contents of clay minerals.

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Washed kaolin is a raw material much sought for especially by paper industry for its exceptional whiteness and low abrasion. Metakaolin is applied as additive in concretes, mortars and plasters or rubber and plastics while improving their properties.

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Volcanic effused formation, which is used as fluxing agent in ceramic masses and glass batches. By using phonolite decreasing of melting temperature and cutting of burning time is achieved. Thus created economy in energy consumption shows mainly in lower operational costs.

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Assorted natural durable material with grain size distribution 0 - 2 mm. Aggregates are suitable as building raw material in mortars and plasters, also at building roads and thoroughfares, field drain systems, etc.

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