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Integraged Management System Policy

The company KERAMOST, Plc. introduced an integrated quality management system, environmental management system and also management system of health and safety. The company introduced and still keeps the system working in conformity with the Standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 and ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008.

Within the scope of its activity the top management covenants:

All employees are responsible for completing the integrated management system.

In Most, 1.9.2018

Ing. Zdeněk Vyskočil
general manager CEO

BRC - Consumer Product, General Merchandise

In August, company KERAMOST was audited by BRC, a well-known and widely recognized standard for food and non-food products (BRC - Consumer Products, General Merchandise). This standard is increasingly required by the retail chain as a declaration of safety, legality and quality of the final product. The audit was conducted by Lloyd´s Register EMEA, LRQA Prague. After successful completion of all requirements, company KERAMOST received certificate for the production of cat litter in plants Obrnice and Prunéřov, valid for 1 year.

Main requirements of the BRC standard:

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BRC - plant Prunerov
BRC - plant Obrnice

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