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Žatecká 1899/25
CZ 434 30  Most
Tel.: +420 476 442 511, Fax: +420 476 704 405 / the data box: gr2erk3
E-mail: keramost@keramost.cz


The residence of company KERAMOST, Plc. and its legal predecessors is the city of Most. Before merge of single small private manufacturers and mines, which in course of few decades had formed today’s joint stock company, the common practice was kept, that the administration office was always a part of the operation buildings. This fact has become stale and logically had to be abandoned. That is why the Management of at first Most Ceramics Works and later on of North-Bohemian Ceramics Works Most resided after 1945 in Jugendstill villa close to the town centre. With booming expansion of the firm and due to the management rationalization this situation became less and less satisfying. The decisive impulse for a change was a complete demolition of old town Most. Consequently a modern object was built in the suburb in advantageous location with corresponding premises and background. In this building the management has been operating since January 1, 1978 until today. A basic principle was kept and the company’s residence remained in the centre of the North-Bohemian basin as it is connected with a whole range of activities, it is at optimum distance from most of its subordinated units - factories and mines. It has also a proper connection to the institutions of state and expert administration. Plant Obrnice was put into operation in 1969 when replacing the existing manufacturing plant for processed bentonites in Libkovice. The increasing demands of Czech metallurgy and enlarging number of areas using bentonite were the main reasons for building up a new technically up-to-dated processing plant. Moreover it was built up close to the deposits of quality raw material.

Company KERAMOST, Plc. was founded January 1, 1994 by means of transforming the former state owned enterprise North-Bohemian Ceramic Works Most. The tradition of ceramics and earthenware production goes back to the period around the year 1880 when the legal predecessors of company KERAMOST, Plc. had exploited both raw material reserves in the region and kept finding outlets for their products in rapidly developing industry of Northern Bohemia. It concerned mainly fire-clay products, kaolin and later on bentonites as well. Today the plant Obrnice presents the most important producer of bentonite - based products in Czech Republic. In co-operation with inland and foreign partners it keeps developing the properties of bentonite in order to satisfy customers’ needs. Significant part of the assortment is determined for metallurgy, but the products are also used in building industry, breeding, geology, fodder production, for cleaning of waste water and disposal of solid waste. Due to the specific needs of the several spheres of use, strong accent is laid on strictly selective exploitation. This process ensures stable quality of the individual marks and also homogeneity within the supplies themselves.

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