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Assorted sand and Crushed sandstone

Assorted sand

This sand is a by-product of kaolin processing. Sand 0/2 from company KERAKAOLIN, Plc.is declared in compliance with ČSN EN 13139 for external and internal rendering mortars (declaration of conformity CE, certificate Nr. ES 1020-CPD-030028214). This sand is extremely suitable for floor tiles and pavement bed and as a filling material for joints, into consolidated asphalt mixtures, as hydraulic bonded, for grouting mass and for bed layer of road element and for filling of their joints.

Offered sand is available in bulk in the plant Kadaň. Transport is possible by customers’ trucks.

Package and delivery
Sand is loaded in bulk. The disposal is possible with purchaser’s vehicles from 6:00 to 8:00 and from 11:00 to 18:00 including Saturdays and Sundays.

Crushed sandstone

This aggregate - crushed sandstone comes of self-resources. It is suitable for companies, which are concerned with building preparation, construction of roads, drainage systems and similar activities.
We are offering this material under advantageous conditions from location in economical distance of the capital.
Fractions 0 - 20 mm and 20 - 40 mm can be used as stiffening level by building of stratified (sandwich) mounds.
Supplied also as unsorted aggregate in fraction 0 - 500 mm.

Package and delivery
- in bulk
Material is available in plant Nehvizdy (KERACLAY, a.s.), Horoušanská ul., 250 81 Nehvizdy.
Transport is possible by customers’ trucks.

Sieve analysis

in % vol.

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Technical parameters

Název Assorted sand Crushed sandstone
Absorbability (% hm.) 0,7 -
Bulk weight (mg/m3) 2,64 -
Natural radionuclide (Bq/k) 11 -
Fine particles f (% hm.) 1,5 -
Acid-soluble sulphates (% 0,01 -
Loss on ignition (%) 1,58 -
Water-soluble chlorides (%) 0,0016 -
Oversize overall - 2
The proportion of grain to 4 m - 32,8
Wash out substances - 2,5
Shape index 1:3 - 30,8
Break off parts - 98,4
Absorption weight - 11,2
Foreign particles - 0

Chemical analysis

Assorted sand

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