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Drying Agents - Dehydrosil

The bentonite siccative exploiting the high sorptive ability of selected bentonite sorts. It is recommendable especially for packaging technologies, for protection of products against rust. It is applied for elimination of air humidity inside the packaging, among others in sea-freight or at long time storage of the goods requiring dry environment. DEHYDROSIL is disposable. Environmentally unobjectionable and inert character of applied siccative DEHYDROSIL enables its disposal by means of communal waste.


The storage life is 6 months in dry environs and in factory-packing.

Packing and delivery

In paper sacks at (kg): 5; 1,5; 1,0; 0,5; 0,25; 0,20; 0,15; 0,10; 0,05; 0,04; 0,01.
These sacks are sealed in plastic bags and in 50 litre barrels.

Technical parameters

Properties Drying Agents
Moisture contents Wp max. 2,5 (%)
Sorption ability (%) min. 12
Bulk density (kg/m3) 900 - 1 100

Attached documents

Safety data sheet - Non-activated bentonite

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