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Mined clays

Mining of clays is concentrated mainly in Brník plant, located near Kostelec, an area with a significant tradition of ceramic goods. Clays are mined also whistled in the former district of Prague - east.

Ceramic clays, which are surface mined and further refined way, millions of years ago were placed at the bottom of a prehistoric sea that stretched in the Central Bohemian chalk boards.

Deposits, mined by KERAMOST, Plc. in themselves contain a number of excellent pottery clay and claystone, among which predominate raw material for production of refractory products due to the relatively high content of Al2O3, low iron content, generally high content of clay minerals and mostly low content of organic impurities. These materials are m.j. sought for its whitish color after firing.

Currently on offer factory-stock company Brník KERAMOST about 16 kinds of clays and mudstones, which are suitable for the production of shale, as part of the working masses to enable fast firing refractory products and some of them, are suitable for production of earthenware single heat as well as sanitary ware, tiles or pavement. Because race has Brník grinding room is the most powerful production offered as a micronized, which significantly expands the range of applications.

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Mined clays - technical parameters

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