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Sealing clay

Clay TJN

Sealing (open caisson) clays are environmentally friendly however absolutely reliable means of environmental protection. The clays do not content any undesirable foreign matters. The clay barrier is built upon a physical principle, it is self-curable and it profiles ground movements without limiting its proper function. Thanks to their checked properties these clays represent a very convenient material for solving problems which may occur in building the anti-flood dams, for protection of waters against environmental contamination caused by filtration from refuse and waste yards, from depots of crude oil substances and from pipe lines. They are also suitable for sealing of open caissons and wells against filtration of ground waters.

Transport and delivery conditions

In bulk by trucks. Sealing clay is delivered crushed or grounded – according to the agreement with the producer.

Technical parameters

Properties Sealing clay TJN
Soil description sandy clay
Category/Symbol F4/CS
Fluidity limit (%) 35,5
Plastic limit (%) 20,2
Plasticity index (%) 15,3
Consistency number 1,516 = solid
Filtration coef. at compaction 3,75 x 10-9
Organic materials (%) 7,55

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Safety data sheet - Clays

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