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Bentonites with enhanced properties

Range of products offered by the company KERAMOST, Plc. includes bentonites suitable for the following applications: filling agent for production of dyes, filling agent for production of animal fodders, preparation for removal of slag supports or grained bentonite materials with use in environmental, agricultural, building and water service activities.

Filling agent for production of dyes

Bentonit BY

Activated, dehydrated and ground bentonite, which is mainly meant for production of dyes. It provides improved opacity, obrasion resistance, adhesive power, plasticity and also bonding power of other components in color.

Preparation for removal of slag

Bentokol K 1

Non-activated bentonite preparation for removing of slag serves the purpose of easy removal of oxides and impurities from the surface of liquid alloys in ladles and smelting furnaces. It is a reliable instrument for removal of casting slag defects. It is characterized by a swelling point, which lies between 900 to 1150 ˚C and grain size 0 -2,0 mm.

Bentonite granule

Ekobent B

Fine-grain non-activated bentonite preparation with a wide range of application in environmental, agricultural, building and water management activities. The key-stone of the powder is natural bentonite, which is characteristic for its high contents of montmorillonit – an active mineral defining its excellent properties. The preparation has sorption powers (collecting of smells and liquids), landscape recultivation abilities (improvement of sandy soils and retention of humidity), sealing properties (sealing of constructions, dams and subsoil). It serves also for ensuring watertight subsoil of parking, storage and mounting premises where leakage of dangerous substances into the underground waters is possible.

Technical parameters

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Attached documents

Safety data sheet - Non-activated bentonite
Safety data sheet - Activated bentonite

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